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Daily retuals relief


Ritual Relief Daily Ritual Macrodose Tincture


Our Daily Ritual Tincture guides your body and mind to a state of heightened performance. The energy boosting blend is the most versatile option to add to your diet. Get creative; add to your favourite breakfast foods, smoothies, coffee, or on its own and take control of you day.


30ml / 7500mg of Psilocybe infused with Ashwagandha Root and Lion’s Mane


Every 1ml (1 Dropper) is equivalent to 250mg of (dried mushroom

  •  Ritual Relief Daily Ritual Tincture Utilizing our professionally formulated psilocybin extract, our Daily Ritual Tincture guides your body and mind to a state of heightened performance. So gentle on your tummy. The energy-boosting blend is the most versatile option to add to your diet.

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